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At Coastal Regen, we’ve developed our proprietary HyalRegen-CT method as a comprehensive solution for those suffering with knee arthritis and pain. Lubricating injections are performed under precision imaging guidance so we know we’re targeting precisely the right area.This advanced medical process serves to add cushioning fluid back into the knee, like oil for a squeaky hinge. Even more exciting, these FDA cleared injections can actually help your knees stimulate more of their own natural fluid, giving you long-term benefit and relief.
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An injectable solution comprised of cellular components, including growth factors and proteins, that are retained from amniotic fluid, designed to protect, cushion, lubricate, and reduce inflammation by supplementing fluid environments within joints and tendons.This treatment can be used on knees, shoulders, hips, elbows, ankles and more.
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knee brace

Knee braces give you the ability to move around after an arthritis flare-up. While these things might slow you down, the support and pain relief provided by a knee brace gives you the ability to get back to your active self. You can get back to work, sports, or exercise without further harming yourself.They are a source of great support and comfort for most people, designed to give a new lease on life for osteoarthritis sufferers.
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